3D Tech, LLC in conjunction with EAGL Technology offers its Emergency Automatic Gunshot Lockdown (EAGL) System which is built upon technology developed by the
Department of Energy (DoE). The system uses the patented FireFly® Wireless Ballistic Sensor technology which autonomously detects gunfire and alerts police and EMTs within seconds. The system can be integrated with mass
notification, existing access control systems, video surveillance, intercom, and/or public-address systems. One of the biggest distinctions we have is affordability compared to what you may have seen in the past.

All of our sensors are completely wireless. The installation is non-destructive and relocatable. It is literally a matter of sticking them to the wall or attaching to a post. Our indoor sensors have a radius range of 100 feet (31,400ft2)
and do not need line-of-sight, thus many fewer sensors are needed compared to other solutions. Our outdoors sensors have a radius range of 150 feet (70,685 ft²), allowing you to protect your location’s local environment (parking lots, ball fields) with a high degree of location accuracy. There are
no recurring service costs. Our platform has built-in mass notification or it can integrate with your existing one. We also integrate with cameras, access control, PA systems, etc.